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Easy Bakeware: Order Your Free Bakeware Today!

Easy Bakeware is an online kitchen retailer with corporate headquarters located in West Hartford, CT. Easy Bakeware offers a full line of bakeware, cookware, entertaining necessities such as trays, platters and barware, coffeemakers and grinders, wine racks, kitchen carts and a wide range of tools including mixing bowls, strainers, colanders, cutting boards, cookbooks and BBQ tools.

Easy Bakeware is currently offering customers the opportunity to obtain any bakeware pan for free. You can try any of their silicon baking pans or burnless bakeware for the cost of shipping. Yesterday, I ordered the silicon mini muffin pan and the cost of shipping was $7.95. I don't know if you've ever priced silicon bakeware, but it is usually pretty expensive. The retail cost of the mini muffin pan is $19.95, so in actuality I received a 40-percent discount.

Easy Bakeware

During the EasyBakeware campaign, you can order as many items as you like. Upon checkout, the MOST EXPENSIVE item you purchase will be deducted and you receive it for free! However, there is no obligation to purchase additional items. Simply click on the banner, choose your free gift and pay for shipping.

If you aren't familiar with silicon bakeware, all I can say is it is a must-have item. There is no need to grease the pan or use muffin tins. Simply pour the batter into the mold, bake, let cool, flip the pan over and poof - everything just slides right out!

This is an exceptional offer and one I hope you will take advantage of. Personally, I couldn't live without my silicon bakeware. It has saved me hours of frustration and scrubbing those little muffin tin holes. Don't you just hate that? There's nothing worse than having to scrape little pieces of burnt on muffins out of tiny little holes!

I don't know how long EasyBakeware will be extending this offer. If you want to try silicon or burnless bakeware, click on one of the banners and place your order. EasyBakeware is deemed an Equifax SecureSite, so you can submit your order worry-free!

When you receive your bakeware, please stop back by and let me know what you purchased and how you like it. I'd bet money that you will wonder how on earth you ever lived without this amazing product!

Don't delay! Go grab your free EasyBakeware pan and start baking!

Easy Bakeware